1. Do I need to be fasting for my blood draw?

Only when our labs include testing for AM cortisol, glucose, and lipid panels.  Fasting means no caffeine, no exercise and no food 8 hours before blood draw. Always drink plenty of water before your blood draw.

2. Do you accept insurance?

Our practice does not. However, we provide you with all documentation needed to submit back to your insurance provider. We cannot guarantee any reimbursement, but we do have patients get reimbursed anywhere from 0-90% or have it applied towards their deductible. Coverage will depend on your individual policy. We DO accept HSA cards.

3. Do I call the office for refill requests?

We do not accept refill requests via phone or email. Please contact the pharmacy to request a refill request, even if you have no refills available. Please allow 72 hours for refills to be sent in.

4. Do phone consults and in office visits cost the same?


5. How long is a follow up appointment?

Follow up appointments can range between 15 or 30 minutes, depending on what is to be discussed/reviewed. We do have 45 minute and 60 minute follow up appointments available as well.

6. Can my records, lab orders or lab results be sent via email?

No. In order to protect your privacy, we can either fax them or send via mail.

7. May I send requests, symptoms, follow up questions, lab results, etc. via email?

You may. Please note that we cannot respond back with information specific to you, as we do not have a HIPPA compliant email. All emails will be responded to via phone. The quickest way to get information to and a response from your doctor is to call the office or leave a voicemail.

8. Where is your office located?

Our office is on the east side of Miller Road. It is the second building, south of Osborn Road. We have our own entrance on the rear far north side of the building. We have a large parking lot with plenty of parking spots.

9. Do the doctors provide free consultations?

Yes. Both Dr. Lovick and Dr. Dickerson provide complementary 15 minute consults by phone or in person for any new patient with questions or concerns.